Learning Disabilities in Relationships

Dealing with learning disabilities is challenging to the individual, having a great impact on relationships and its partner. Due to the close interaction of a relationship, additional stress may occur within the couple. No matter who has the disability, it is important to distinguish difficulties which can be overcome, so we’ve come up with some tips that may be useful for both partners.

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If you are the partner, be aware that persuading the learning disability individual to do things in a certain way is not ok and you should accept what doesn’t always seem as the easiest way for your partner to complete the task. When it comes to love and relationships, we can all agree that it is something that enriches many of our lives, so lots of people with learning disabilities want to have sex, although they might need support to do so. A person with learning disabilities may be feeling stifled when too much is routinely provided, feeling that it is stupid or unfairly blamed for relationship problems which may be due to his/her learning disabilities.


There are many reasons why one has fewer romantic relationships than the average person, such as needing support to meet new people or the fear that people with learning disabilities lack the understanding on how to explore relationships and sexuality. You need to have a good understanding regarding your ability to communicate in order to explain to your partner and request accommodations in a direct manner. There is guidance that gives lots of practical information, including information around mental capacity, the law, and staying healthy, so that you can live a fulfilled life whether you choose to be in a sexual relationship or not.


If you are the healthy one, refrain from demanding that your partner tries harder, as it is like expecting a deaf person to hear by trying harder. Relationships and sex are an important part of everyone’s life and many people with a learning disability want to have sex, regardless of gender. Everyone has good and bad days, but a person with learning disabilities has often much more pronounced ones from day to day without any predictable patterns, although learning disabilities are often not visible.


As the partner of a person who has a learning disability, you need to accept that some tasks may take longer and understand how the learning disability impacts your partner’s ability to comprehend, visualize, be organized or interpret body language. Socially constructed gender roles are not realistic for some men with learning disabilities; therefore a couple can reduce the stress by redefining their roles according to each person’s abilities.

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